Group Ride 5/20/2023

Had a great ride today at Wildcat. It rained for several hours during this ride so it was a wet one. Terry Lynch was trying out a brand new 2023 Honda Talon 1000R. It did a great job and he loved it. He did get it stuck on this maiden voyage. We also had Devon James and his wife Angie was with us. It was the first time they had taken their Pioneer 1000 to an off-road park. They were the only ones smart enough not to get stuck on this trip. Adison was onboard with me and enjoyed hooking up the winch to get out. She also spent some time driving Terry’s brand new Honda Talon. We saw everything the park had to offer this time around excluding the Waterfall on the outlaw trails. With it raining so much I decided to bypass it this time around. We did make it down to the Tunnel, the normal way was blocked off but some friendly people on the Wildcat Riders group told me before hand away to get over there. They have alot of the paths blocked off by trees so be carefull. I had an interesting time coming up a hill that had trees laying across the top. Enjoy the pictures and videos below.




Track Log:

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