Group Ride 6/15/2024

I have always been a fan of Wildcat from the first time I visited several years ago when it first opened. My first trip I remember specific spots that were technical and a lot of fun. For example, moonshot ridge was tough to get through and washed out at the bottom. Excited on my next visit to go through some of those trails that were a little technical, then to my dismay they were all smooth and easy including Moonshine Ridge.

I share almost all of my track logs here with everyone, so I normally have all my stuff planned out for the ride and I am familiar with the park. Well, we start off across the highway and when we get close to the dome, I see someone backing out from around the corner in a curve. I know there is a little bolder but never had any issues. Once they got out of the way to my surprise it was pretty bad. I pulled up to it and tested it a bit getting my front wheels up on it with a spotter and really wanted to try to give it some gas and attempt to bump over it. But I decided that I didn’t want to break something or flip over and chickened out and left. That’s funny to me if you have ever been to Wildcat because I always joke around that you can do this park on a golf cart!

Later on, after visiting the Dome we are on the Jurassic trail and there are all kinds of ATV’s there and trying to get through around the rock. They get out of the way several minutes later to let us through. I just was like it must be because they are inexperienced and on ATV’s. James said should we do this in 4wd, and I was like no 2wd and maybe low without looking, because I have been through here tons of times before. I was pleasantly surprised as i came around and see some more technical riding once again. We all made it through and it’s on video that obviously makes it look like pebbles as usual but, awesome! You should had seen the look on Tammy’s face when they finally made it through :).

Making our way back up front where you can look on the rock and see the store there is a dead-end trail that I’ve done several times. It was the roughest I had seen it as well but a lot of fun. It was priceless to see the look on everyone’s face realizing it was a dead end and it was time to just go right back down!

Once we made it back over to the other side and started the rest of our journey there were several other spots that had a challenge here and there that was never like this since maybe an earlier visit when Wildcat first opened but still probably not this technical. Let’s not even speak about going to the tunnel across some huge rocks that were placed there that were so close to dropping off the side of a cliff. Once we got through there, I learned there are new easier ways since this was done. I enjoyed taking the easy way to the waterfall and not having to ever cross a railroad track.

The journey to the waterfall was great as usual on trails that’s never seen maintenance, we saw a couple of machines being towed out by another group, always glad when it’s not in our group.

Once the waterfall break was done, we headed back to leave for the day with always finishing up going up powerline hill and then I always like to go down the big rock ledge behind the store.

I was pleasantly surprised by Wildcat this trip and I hope it looks something like this upon my next visit vs 100% boring dirt paths!


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Jurassic Trail
Dead End Up


All around Wildcat including outlaws to Tunnel & Waterfall.


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