Group Ride 9/16/2023

Today we started off our ride with one less machine. Dave & Brenda Carters Kawasaki Teryx belt snapped at the end of the ride last night along the mountain roads on the way back from Williamson. Terry Lynch saved them that night and pulled them up to the group waiting on them to come up to the next intersection. There was some suspense on where they were, and some interviews conducted with Casey, Nicole and Cyrus making sure that they hadn’t left the intersection before seeing Dave, Brenda, and Terry. Terry’s radio was dead so we couldn’t simply call out for an update. We ended up not having to call in a search party, here they come Cyrus says, Terry’s Honda Talon pulling the 4-seater Teryx around the steep grades.

Just like the day before we started out with breathtaking views of the mountain side. I had a good 65.8 mile trail ride setup in the Rock House trail system to Man and back with several different stops along the way to checkout. First up were the auger holes, I looked and looked and couldn’t find them as I drove through the area they were supposed to be and just kept going. Next up was the rock wall, a beautiful area with a little playground in front of it and some hills with a view. James is talking about the auger holes he saw and I was like what the hell! The show must go on, next up was the Rock Formation in the Rock house system. I hadn’t been to it before, and it was very cool. Just like James stated I wonder how these rocks end up how they are. We continued are adventure getting closer and closer to Man, checking out a few old mine shafts. All of a sudden, I look over and see some auger holes that I didn’t know were going to be there. We are now going into Man going across the ATV bridge which I believe was a former railroad bridge. We take a lap through town checking it out and decide to stop in Keiths Bar & Grill, which had really good food by the way. While there I heard talk that there was a gambling room in the back. I went back to check it out and set down at a penny slot machine. I put a whole two dollars in it and play all lines for 40 cents a few times. Win a little lose a little, down to my last 40 cents after the back and forth and all grapes come on the screen and I win 20.00 from my 2.00 I started with throwing my hands up smiling and I turn around and SNAP, a photo was taken of me. Fun Times!

Heading back from Man I decide to go up the road a little bit so we could hit some blue trails for quite a bit until getting back to the normal trailhead. I have a habit of looking ahead here and there on my maps and made a wrong turn and here we are in a 65 MPH road for a short period before being able to turn around once the divider end, OOPS! Back on track we hit up and down several mountain sides and several switchbacks to finally make it to the waterfall. We see the most people we have seen in the past 2 days. But shortly after we arrive it clears out. I think Terry had something to do with that, :). We make it back to Twin Hollow with a few hours until sunset. I mention to everyone we could go to Wilmore damn I have been there before, and that Bob Titzer had shared a cool track awhile back that I did before that was a good trip. Several people disappeared at that time tired and dirty but Pam, James, Tammy, and Casey were game. We discussed it for a minute and Tammy said she would really like to give it one more shot to find the wild horses we struck out on 2 days before. Everyone agreed so we were back off to the Twin Star Outlaw trails. We zipped all around the place not finding them once again. We stopped up at the sunset view. We saw deer, rabbits, and then to our surprise some huge Bull Mastiff type dogs running around literally out in the middle of nowhere. Getting late we decided to make our descent back out of the mountains but still looking for the wild horses. All of a sudden Pam gets excited and screams I see one over there in the bush and trees. We stop and several come out. I finally find something to eat a couple twizzlers that the mountain goat turned her nose up to the day before. One horse followed me around and around one of the Talons. The horses were surrounding Tammy with all of her goodies as she is having fun but finally has enough and talks to them in very strict words to obey. Pam is wanting to know how old some are and is opening their mouths and look to see, don’t ask me. A group of Jeeps come up just as excited as we were to locate them and chatted a few and we left as darkness was upon us and we are all very tired. This was the last day of our trip and if you are still following along, it was a fantastic time, you missed out!


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Gilbert 2 Man and back VIA Trails 65.8 miles

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